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What’s New in the May 2023 G7 EXO Update

The May 2023 G7 EXO update includes global firmware version 3.465, the addition of voice-over IP (VOIP) functionality, and some bug fixes. The update will be available starting on May 3.

The following models are supported for this firmware update:

  • G7 EXO LTE (NA) (35880, 35881)
  • G7 EXO LTE (EU) (35882, 35883)
  • G7 EXO LTE (AS/NZ) (35884, 35885)


The May 2023 G7 EXO update will add voice-over IP (VOIP) functionality to G7 EXO, which will enable 2-way voice calls on EXO on LTE networks when 3G service is not available. There will be no difference in how you make or receive calls.

Bug Fixes

The May 2023 G7 EXO update also includes the following improvements:

  • Ensuring that EXO does not show that it is in a charging state when not actually charging.
  • Ensuring EXO pump block tests can only be run when EXO is not in a low or high urgency state.
  • Ensuring the correct location data for gas readings sent during pump operation.