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What's New in the November 2023 G6 Update

Updated on November 8, 2023.


The November 2023 G6 update will be available on November 10, 2023. The update includes:

All G6 devices are supported for this update.


When a new version of firmware is available, G6 downloads it during the regularly scheduled synchronizations.

When the download is complete, the firmware will automatically install after one of the following events take place:

  • The next time you remove G6 from G6 Dock.
  • The next time you manually bump test, calibrate, or zero your G6.

You can also manually update G6 firmware using the Device settings menu. For full instructions, refer to the G6 Technical User Manual.

When the firmware has finished installing, G6 will power cycle to complete the update.


The November 2023 G6 update includes an increase in the frequency of communication from G6 to Blackline Live. The frequency of the communication intervals depends on the service plan. G6 also connects with Blackline Live when a high urgency notification is activated.

G6 communication intervals are:

  • Protect Plan: Every 6 hours
  • Protect Plus Plan: Every 5 minutes

NOTE: G6 will also connect with Blackline Live when a low urgency notification is activated on devices using Protect Plus.



The November G6 update will add an SOS alert icon on G6’s home screen. You can trigger an SOS by pressing and holding the right button for the 3 second SOS countdown sequence.

SOS alerts will activate a high urgency notification in Blackline Live, triggering an email or SMS text message to your identified contact, per your emergency response protocol.

SOS alerts must be manually cancelled on the device by pressing and holding the right button for the 3 second cancellation sequence. A cancellation message will be sent to Blackline Live.



The November G6 update also adds time weighted average (TWA) monitoring to G6.

When G6 detects that you have exceeded the average allowable amount of gas exposure in an 8 hour interval, G6 will alert you with a high urgency notification. The time interval is configurable in Blackline Live.

When the gas conditions dissipate and the TWA event is resolved, G6 will show the recorded TWA reading until the TWA value drops below the configured time and concentration setpoints, or the TWA value is manually reset.



Live Gas Display

The November G6 update allows you to display Live gas readings on G6’s Home screen. Live gas display is configurable in Blackline Live.


Assigned User ID

In addition to Live gas, the November G6 update allows you to display G6’s assigned user along the banner on the Home screen. Displaying the assigned user IDs is configurable in Blackline Live.


Battery and Network Icons

When your device is on the Protect Plus service plan, the November G6 update also adds battery and network icons to G6’s Home screen to show the battery level and network status, helping you know when to charge your device and when it is connected to a network.

NOTE: The battery and network icons do not display on devices using the Protect service plan.



With the November update, G6 devices can now communicate with Blackline's Location beacons to enhance location accuracy in indoor environments.



The new features introduced with the November 2023 update will have an impact on G6’s expected battery life.

  • Due to the increased communication frequency, G6 devices with the Protect Plus service plan have up to 5 days of battery life.
  • G6 devices with the Protect service plan have up to 12 months of battery life.


The November 2023 update also includes two new service plan options for G6: Protect and Protect Plus.

  • Protect is now the base service plan for G6.
  • Protect Plus provides additional features for more proactive safety management of your organization.

For more information on G6 service plans, see Pricing & Plans or contact Sales.



The November 2023 G6 update offers two new multi-unit charger accessories available in 5 and 25-bay configurations:

  • G6 5-Unit Charger (ACC-G6-CHG-05-XX)
  • G6 25-Unit Charger (ACC-G6-CHG-25-XX)

For information on ordering multi-unit chargers, please contact your Blackline Sales representative, distributor, or Technical Support.

Additional Blackline Analytics reports

The November 2023 G6 update adds G6 data to the following Blackline Analytics reports:

  • Events
  • Events Map
  • Gas Exposures
  • Location Beacons
  • Device Logs