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What's New in the October 2022 G7 Update

G7’s global firmware version 3.467 will be available in October 2022 for the following supported devices:


  • G7L-NA2/AZ2/EU2 (35700/35702/35704)

Bridge and G7x:

  • Bridge-NA/AZ (3583/3584)
  • Bridge-NA2/AZ2 (35850/35852)
  • G7X-NA/AZ (3973/3974)
  • G7U-NA/AZ (3975/3976)

Older G7c devices (3566/3568 and 3567/3569) are unsupported for this firmware upgrade.

 This firmware comes with improvements to G7’s Push-to-talk (PTT) functionality.

PTT and Blackline Monitoring Calls

Customers have reported that occasionally G7c/G7x PTT calls have taken priority over incoming calls from live monitoring services. Firmware version 3.467 improves PTT so that calls from live monitoring services take precedence over PTT calls on the G7 user interface.