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What's new in Loner Mobile - update

Loner Mobile's newest update is now available from your iPhone or Android's corresponding app store. This update includes some cool new additions as well as updates to existing features. Check out the details below:


Find my SOS Button

Loner Mobile can now help you locate your SOS Button when you've misplaced it. From the Bluetooth dropdown, you will notice a new find my SOS Button option available when an SOS Button device is connected. Select this action to initiate beeping and flashing on the button for a 30 second interval.

Forget a Bluetooth device

Loner Mobile is now capable of forgetting previously paired Bluetooth devices. To do so, head to the device setup page by selecting settings in the top right, from the Bluetooth dropdown when Loner Mobile is not monitoring.

From the last paired device section, you will now see an info icon. Click this icon to see more details about the device such as the device type, its unit ID, and also have the ability to forget this device so that Loner Mobile does not automatically pair to it in the future. You can always re-pair a device from the device setup page.


Updates to the device setup page

Along with the new device info icon, the device setup page also has a couple new updates:

  • Bluetooth devices now sort by proximity. The devices showing at the top of your list are the devices closest to your phone.
  • Bluetooth devices now won't allow you to "save" before they connect. You will see a new loading icon while Loner Mobile tries to connect to your Bluetooth device. When it is successful, a green checkmark will appear, the save button will turn green and allow you to save.


Updates to the drive safe check-in feature

The drive safe check-in feature will now silence all pending alarms (check-in, potential no-motion and fall detected) in order to prevent distractions while driving.

Updates to the configuration profile

Loner Mobile's configuration profile now features the option to toggle app vibrations on or off. If you don't want Loner Mobile to vibrate in the case of a pending alert, turn this feature off. Loner Mobile will always have an audible pending or red alert, controlled by your phone's volume settings.

Loner Mobile's no-motion configuration settings also have new explanatory text in the sensitivity dropdown, in order to help you better identify which setting is best for you.

Do you have questions about this update or other things regarding Loner Mobile? Don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care team.