Loner Mobile/Duo/SOS Button Overview

Blackline’s Loner Mobile safety monitoring app turns an iPhone®, Android™ or Blackberry® into a simple and non-intrusive safety monitoring platform. Designed for employees working alone or in unpredictable environments, the app communicates with monitoring personnel who are empowered to manage optimized emergency responses should an employee require help. Safety alerts can be configured over-the-air, increasing situational awareness and worker confidence.

Loner Mobile leverages Blackline’s Loner Duo or SOS Button accessory, which features Bluetooth® Smart communications and pairs with a smartphone’s Loner Mobile app. Loner Duo and SOS Button are the critical physical interfaces used to instantly call for help, with both automatic and manual triggers. All safety incidents are communicated to monitoring personnel through Loner Mobile — Duo automatically communicates fall or no-motion incidents to Loner Mobile which then initiates contact with monitoring personnel, or the manual SOS latch can be pulled to initiate a response. They ensure a worker’s safety is being monitored, even if their smartphone is out of reach.


How do I download Loner Mobile?

Loner Mobile can be downloaded from your corresponding app store:
Google Play
Apple iTunes store

How do I change my configuration profile from the Loner Mobile app?

Note: Your account administrator may turn off the ability for you to edit your configuration settings. In that case, your account administrator will need to make the changes for you.

Ensure that monitoring is off. Configuration profiles are view-only when your safety is being monitored.

  1. Open the Loner Mobile app.
  2. Select settings in the top right corner.
  3. Select Configuration Profile.
  4. Use the toggles to edit your configuration profile.
  5. Select save when finished.
How do I pair my Bluetooth accessory?
  1. Ensure that you have not started monitoring before pairing Loner Duo
  2. Turn on Bluetooth
  3. Turn Loner Duo or SOS Button on
  4. Select the Bluetooth icon
  5. Select connect to device
  6. Select scan for loner devices
  7. Under available devices, select your Loner Duo or SOS Button
  8. Select save
  9. When the Duo or SOS Button is connected to Loner Mobile and monitoring is on the SureSafe light will glow solid green

Loner Mobile will now remember your Loner Duo or SOS Button and automatically pair when they are both within range and turned on.

I am holding the silent alert down but it is not working, what do I do?

First, make sure that silent alerts are turned on in your device configuration profile.

Next, make sure you are pressing on top of the alert symbol. You may need to press and hold for 1-2 seconds before the silent alert countdown shows on the screen.

I didn't get my activation code; how do I get a new one?

Note: If you do not have permissions to sign in to the portal, your account administrator will have to resend the activation code for you.

To re-send an activation code follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to live.blacklinesafety.com
  2. Sign in with your email and password to the account you’d like to access. Navigate to the main menu.
  3. Under features, select device users.
  4. Find your device.
  5. Under the phone number column, select the icon. resend activation code icon
  6. Your new activation code is being sent via SMS text to your phone number.
What operating system will Loner Mobile work on?

Loner Mobile is compatible with iOS (Apple), Android (Google), and Blackberry OS (Blackberry).

What if I lose cell service?

Loner Mobile needs cellular network access to monitor your safety. If you go out of cell service, Loner Mobile will prompt you with a message that it needs network access. Your check in timer will continue to count down, however no remote alerts will be generated in Blackline Live until you have re-gained network access.

If you are going to be working out of cellular range, Blackline Safety does not recommend Loner Mobile as a safety monitoring solution. However, Blackline does have satellite devices to suit these needs. More information is available here.

How much battery will Loner Mobile use?

Typical usage of Loner Mobile with locations enabled will reduce the phone’s usual battery life by less than 20%.

How much data will Loner Mobile use?

Blackline does everything it can to minimize data usage. The exact amount of data used depends on variables such as how long the device is in use and how many communications to the Blackline Safety Network the app sends. The app does not send any media files (audio or photo files) making each communication to the Blackline Safety Network only a few kilobytes.

How long will Loner Duo's or SOS Button's battery last?

Loner Duo has a battery life of 12 hours continuous operation. Blackline recommends Loner Duo to be charging when not in use, even if the battery is not completely depleted.

SOS Button has a battery life of 2-3 months, based off of average usage.


What is Loner Duo and SOS Button and do I need them?

You do not need Loner Duo or SOS Button to operate Loner Mobile.

Loner Duo is a person-worn device that uses low-power Bluetooth to pair with and enhance the overall capability of Loner Mobile. If you need to request help immediately and your smartphone is not within arm’s reach, Loner Duo has an SOS latch that can be used to trigger an SOS or silent SOS alert. Loner Duo can detect if you are not moving and offers a convenient way to check-in without having access to your Loner Mobile app.

SOS Button is a small, quarter-sized button that allows you to discretely call for help or acknowledge pending alarms. A triple press can be configured to send an SOS or SIlent SOS from Loner Mobile, and SOS button can be worn in your pocket, on your keys, clipped to your clothing or in a watch wristband.