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COVID-19 continuity plan

COVID-19 and government recommendations and regulations for social distancing and shutting down of non-essential businesses has made a dramatic impact around the world. The vast majority of Blackline's clientele are considered essential to providing energy, communications and goods required by global consumers.

Blackline Safety is committed to keeping our own employees safe and ensuring continuity of our operations for the safety of workers relying on Blackline's connected safety solutions. Our leadership team is actively monitoring current COVID-19 events, shaping our policy around community health guidelines and recommendations from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other local health authorities.

Below is a summary of our COVID-19 continuity plans for Blackline products and services.

Connected safety equipment, Blackline Live cloud-hosted monitoring portal and Blackline analytics software

  • Blackline continues to provide real-time services for connected wearables and mobile apps, including: G7C, G7X, M6 and Loner Mobile
  • Blackline’s cloud-connected technology is fault tolerant and managed by Blackline’s engineering team without disruption
  • Blackline’s server is cloud hosted by Amazon Web Services, the world leader in cloud-hosted technology. We do not anticipate changes to our 99.9%+ uptime.

Blackline’s Safety Operations Center (SOC) and global Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) partners

  • Blackline’s SOC and global network of partner ARCs have begun distributed operations.
  • SOC employees are now working from multiple locations while ensuring 99.5% of voice calls to our connected safety equipment are initiated in under 60 seconds.

Product shipments and RMAs

  • Blackline’s in-house manufacturing facility continues to support the critical needs of current and new customers.
  • We continue to operate shipping and receiving centers to ensure no interruption to global supply chains

Customer care

  • With cloud-hosted systems that enable team members to work from alternate locations, Blackline’s Customer Care and Support teams will continue to function without interruption.
  • There are no changes to Blackline’s hours of operations in North America and our office in the United Kingdom

Blackline employees, contractors and visitors

Based on guidance from the World Health Organization and regional health authorities, Blackline has taken the following actions for employees, contractors and visitors at our locations across the globe.  

  • Hold bi-weekly senior management meetings to assess the situation and ensure our policies reflect current guidelines from local and national authorities
  • All employees and contractors are required to self-isolate if they have travelled internationally, have COVID-19 symptoms or have concerns about being in contact with someone who may have COVID-19
  • Our in-house Safety Operations Center has migrated to individual, remote locations with two on-site personnel
  • Implemented a companywide work-from-home policy where possible for personnel outside our manufacturing and shipping/receiving teams
  • Restricted all business travel for employees and contractors
  • Increased sanitation and cleaning procedures at all Blackline offices
  • Instituted social distancing guidelines for all employees
  • Required all visitors to confirm through an acknowledgement letter whether they have, or have met anyone who has, travelled internationally. If so, arrangements must be made for the meeting to be conducted remotely or rescheduled
  • Provided training and support for our supervisors and employees to assist them in consistently applying our COVID-19 health and safety procedures

We continue to monitor and implement all local, regional and international guidelines. Blackline’s team is committed to ensuring our ability to serve our customers through this challenging time as the situation continues to evolve.

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