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COVID-19: cleaning and disinfecting your G7 safety wearable

blogbanner_2What to avoid when cleaning and disinfecting your g7

Don’t use alcohol or solvent-based cleaners or degreasers as these chemicals may affect the gas sensors if your G7 is configured for gas detection.

Cleaning your G7 

Clean with a mix of soap and water — dish or hand soap on a damp cloth works well.

Disinfecting your G7

According to the National Institutes for Health, the COVID-19 virus can be stable on surfaces for hours or days.

To disinfect your gas detector, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends creating a water and bleach mixture. This mixture is created with 5 tablespoons of bleach (1/3 cup) per gallon of water. Add this mixture to a spray bottle and spray all surfaces of your gas monitor. According to the Chemical & Engineering News publication, allow the bleach mixture to dwell on your gas monitor for 30 seconds or longer for the oxidizing action of the virus to occur. Lastly, wipe your gas detector dry with a clean cloth.

Never mix bleach and ammonia or any other cleanser use caution around clothing.

Bump testing your gas monitor

Blackline Safety recommends bump testing gas detection-equipped G7 wearables that incorporate LEL sensors before each day’s use.

Should your G7 device fail a bump test or calibration, contact your team that supports your gas detection program or reach out to our customer care team.