Cartridge and device cleaning for G7

Updated October 8 2021

This article explains how to clean G7 and its cartridge without contaminating the sensors.

Gas sensors are susceptible to contamination by a variety of common chemicals, which can reduce or even eliminate their sensitivity

WARNING: NEVER use the following chemicals on the device or in close proximity to sensors:

  • silicones
  • cleaners
  • soaps
  • solvents
  • lubricants

Exposure to these chemicals may permanently damage the sensors. Blackline does not take responsibility for these chemicals, or products not listed, causing damage to sensors.

If G7 is exposed to these chemicals or any new chemical or compound, bump test and calibrate the device to ensure the sensors function properly.

How to clean G7 without contaminating sensors

For routine cleaning , customers should ONLY use water and a dampened cloth to remove dirt and debris and to clean the exterior of the device.

If workers are using alcohol-based hand sanitizers to sanitize their hands, they must allow enough time for the active ingredients to evaporate from their hands before touching their devices.

External sensor filters

External filters are available from Blackline for you to place over top of your sensors to prevent them from getting dirty.

To order external filters (ACC Q FILT10 EXT), please contact your distributor or our Customer Care team.