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New G7 configuration profile

To improve the user experience for our customers, Blackline is introducing a newly-designed G7 configuration profile page in Blackline Live. This updated design will leverage the look and function introduced by the Winter18 update, while also improving the flow and usability of the configuration page. This update is scheduled to be released on Tuesday May 22, 2018.

The new G7 configuration page breaks out each step of the set-up process into separate cards that can be edited individually. The page layout is straightforward, intuitive and uses familiar elements from other pages throughout Blackline Live.

Configuration details


This card allows you to give your device configuration profile a unique name and description. Include information that helps differentiate the configuration profile from others, or that you think would provide valuable insights to team members who have access to the profile.



The settings card contains the majority of the page’s features. As with previous configuration profile, settings are separated into two sections: functional settings and gas sensor settings. Device behaviour can be customized using toggles, text fields, dropdowns and sliders.


No-motion setting

In response to customer feedback, and to match the formatting of the fall detection slider, we have flipped the direction of the no-motion slider to intuitively go from lower to higher percentages. Devices will now detect lighter falls and movement when the slider is pulled to the left, and will detect larger movements and falls when the slider is pulled to the right. Be sure to read the helper text provided, to ensure that your sensitivity settings are correct.

Your device should act exactly as it did before the update, even if the percentage in the profile has changed.






As with groups, devices can be added or removed from a profile by selecting or un-selecting them in the device table. This table can be sorted and searched in order to find specific devices quickly and efficiently. The table will also include a new checkbox that filters the device table to show only selected devices — this will make it easier to remove devices from a particular profile.

By putting device configuration settings onto a single page with each step explained individually,  the profile creation process is simple and straightforward, and will allow each piece of the profile to be edited as needed. This re-design reflects the new visual direction Blackline Live is taking and will help to pave the way for future changes to the G7 configuration page.