G7 Dock Overview

G7 Dock

The Blackline Safety G7 Dock is the simple solution to calibrating, bump testing and charging G7 devices. Docks arrive ready to perform, requiring no initial setup, and can manage up to four single- or multi-gas cylinders. Docks can be used with both G7c and G7x devices, and support G7 Single-gas or Quad-gas cartridges. Managing calibrations and bump tests is easy using the G7 device’s LCD screen and navigation system —no complicated menus, ports or setup. G7 Dock uses the cloud-hosted Blackline Live™ portal for device management and to store data for reporting and compliance tracking — gas inlets can be configured through user accounts from a desktop or phone.



How long will my battery last?

G7 Dock needs a continuous power source. However, you can use an external battery as long as it supplies at least 1000 mA.

How do I place G7 in G7 Dock?

With G7 at approximately 30-degrees, align the charge port (on the bottom of G7) with the charge clip on G7 Dock. Lower the top of G7 into G7 Dock, until you hear a click. You will know G7 is connected as it will start to charge and bring up the dock menu on the screen.

Can I use G7 Dock with a different gas device?

G7 Dock is only compatible with Blackline’s G7 devices.

How do I make changes to G7 Dock's gas inlets?

To make changes to Dock’s inlets, please contact Blackline Safety’s Customer Care team.

Calibration or bump test is not working on G7 Dock, what should I do?

To troubleshoot a calibration or bump test failing, check the following:

  • That you are using the correct gas that G7 specifies
  • That your inlets are hooked up properly and the tubing does not have any kinks
  • That your gas cylinder has an adequate amount of gas
  • That G7 is placed correctly in dock
  • That Dock has an adequate power source
  • That Dock is on a stationary surface, do not place G7 Dock on vibrating equipment or hold Dock during bump/calibration

If you are still getting an error message, please contact Blackline’s Customer Care team.

Can I bump or calibrate my G7 even if I don't have a connection to the Blackline Safety Network?

G7 Dock can still calibrate, bump and charge your device even if you do not have a connection to the Blackline Safety Network. When G7 gains connection, it will communicate the bump or calibration to Blackline Live.

I updated my configuration but G7 Dock isn't updated, what do I do?

After updating Dock’s configuration, it must be manually prompted to update. To do so, place G7 in G7 Dock and select dock update from the menu.

Why won't G7 Dock start my calibration or bump test?

Your G7 device will inform you if there is a problem starting a calibration or bump test. A likely reason for this error is that G7 dock’s lid has not been properly closed – when closing the lid, ensure that you press down on both sides so that both red release tabs click into place.